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It’s the Copy that Sells Your Product or Service

There are three elements to a successful on-line business including a website design and search engine optimization firm. A well designed, easy to navigate website, an effective search engine marketing strategy, and a professional website copywriter.

How much did you spend on website copywriting? I’m betting not very much.

But did you know that getting thousands of visitors to your website doesn’t guarantee sales!

Did you know the key to turning those thousands of visitors into customers is effective web copywriting? Did you know it’s the copy that sells your product or service?

An effective on-line business begins with a clear understanding of what the goals are for your website. Remember, you are trying to get someone you have never met to take a step towards building a relationship with you.

Your website copy should be created with a clear understanding of “who is your target customer”. You should also identify what problems your product or service solves for the market, what benefit are most important, and what the primary message you want visitors to get from reading your material.

Your web copy should pre-sell your product or service to the visitor.
Once you achieve this, your web site will become very profitable.

Here are ten fundamental for effective website copywriting.

1. Know your customer; Who is the customer most likely to buy your products? Are they male or female? How old are they? How much money do they make? The more information you can gather on your target customer, the better you can create web copy that will get them to buy.

2. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits When a visitor lands on your site, he wants to know one thing, how will they benefit from buying your product or using your service. If that is not answered right up front, clearly and briefly, you will lose that visitor.

3. Write in a friendly personal manner; You’re in the relationship business, talk to your customers in an honest pleasant voice. Let them know you really understand and care about their problems and, have the solution. If you make the customer feel you really care, he will want to buy from you again, and again, and again.

4. Keep your sentences short and simple; a copywriter writes to communicate not to impress. The average visitor reads at a 6th grade level. Choose strong verbs over weak ones. Talk to your visitors not at them. Keep your sentences short and avoid large words.

5. Include searchable keywords – use targeted keywords in your web copy that will allow the search engines to find your
site. Include these keywords in your meta tags, links and file names also.

6. Eliminate clichés – avoid the temptation to be cute, slick, and entertaining. You will only bore your visitors and they will click off your site.

7. Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – In 2-3 sentences, explain to your visitors that this is the only product or service for you and, this is the only place you can get it.

8. Testimonials – simply, these are third party endorsements that support all the claims you make in your website copy. The more testimonials you have the more credibility you have.

9. Proof read your web copy – errors in your web copy give the impression of being unprofessional or sloppy. Read the copy aloud to yourself or get someone else to proof read it.

10. Easy navigation – your site should be easy for visitors to find the main sections of your site and, easy to buy and check out.

Written by: Gregg Kell

Greg Kell is the President of Kell Solutions, a website design firm and search engine optimization firm based in Laguna Niguel, CA. Permission is granted to re-publish this article providing it is published in its entirety without exclusion including this Author’s Block and imbedded links. The author may be contacted via email.


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